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What are varicose veins?

Varicose veins are a disease that affects the veins of the legs. Due to various factors, the veins widen, dilate and become tortuous. This causes blood circulation problems that can be very harmful to health. Those who suffer have heaviness of legs, cramps, itching and even severe pain.

What are the factors that cause your disappearance?

Obesity, Sedentary, Genetic factors and Pregnancy

Can I avoid them?

Varicose veins are a problem that can affect everyone. Although there are people more predisposed by their physiology to suffer them, it is best to prevent their appearance. But how, how can I avoid them? Using common sense rules, such as not sitting for a long time with crossed legs or standing without moving.

What is the best technique to eliminate varicose vens?

The problem of varicose veins should not be overlooked. Once detected, you have to put yourself in the hands of a specialist to solve the problem. Currently, there are various surgical techniques to treat them. Some, such as the stripping (extraction of varicose veins) that are more ``aggressive`` techniques and others like the CHIVA technique, which is absolutely harmonious and allows less surgical aggression a faster and less painful recovery.

If we operate or treat the varicose veins, do they dissappear forever?

Surgery or medical treatment of varicose veins offers a solution in the short and medium term. Even so, we recommend periodic checks with your vascular surgeon to detect early the appearance of new signs of varicose veins.

What is exactly the treatment of Microespuma and Crioesclerosis?

They are techniques that produce selective venous occlusion by simply channeling the varicose veins or spider veins through a sclerosing fluid. In our specialty section, in aesthetic treatments, you can find a more detailed description of these techniques and what they are used for.






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