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Who we are

Unit of Angiology and Vascular Surgery

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We have no other desire than to become your center of reference regarding vascular diseases. We want to make our patients feel fully satisfied with the service we offer and that they cover all the needs demanded, spotting them, giving them support and trying to offer them answers and solutions. Our only goal is to provide our patients with a totally professional, close and integral service.

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Since 1992, Dr. Sancho and his team haven’t had another mission than to provide a quality service for those patients who request it and they need it. Specialized in Angiology and Vascular Surgery, our objective is to preserve the health of our patients and to feel safe and supported by the different treatments we carry out. Our project was born of the need to inform the general public and professional about a extensive pathology such as vascular diseases. In this web we only want to convey the information received by the patients who come to our query, as well as to try to facilitate our communication to make it as understandable as possible.

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[qode_info_card title_tag=”h4″ enable_button=”yes” image=”16541″ title=”Dr. Sancho Serrats” text=”CORACHÁN CLINIC VICE PRESIDENT” button_text=”MORE” button_link=”/dr-sancho-serrats?lang=en”]
[qode_info_card title_tag=”h4″ enable_button=”yes” image=”16542″ title=”Dra. Arañó Heredero” text=”Vascular Surgery” button_text=”MORE” button_link=”/dra-cristina-arano-heredero?lang=en”]
[qode_info_card title_tag=”h4″ enable_button=”yes” image=”16539″ title=”Dr. Domínguez González” text=”Vascular Surgery” button_text=”MORE” button_link=”/dr-jose-manuel-dominguez-gonzalez?lang=en”]
[qode_info_card title_tag=”h4″ enable_button=”yes” image=”16540″ title=”Dr. Sau Boix” text=”Vascular Medicine” button_text=”MORE” button_link=”/dr-ernesto-sau-boix?lang=en”]
[qode_info_card title_tag=”h4″ enable_button=”yes” image=”16634″ title=”Dra. Sancho Serrats” text=”Doctor and Flebologist” button_text=”MORE” button_link=”/dra-merce-sancho-serrats?lang=en”]
[qode_info_card title_tag=”h4″ enable_button=”yes” image=”17225″ title=”Dr. Maeso” text=”Vascular Surgery” button_text=”MORE” button_link=”/dr-maeso?lang=en”]
[qode_info_card title_tag=”h4″ enable_button=”yes” image=”17268″ title=”Dr. Sancho Llorens” text=”Vascular Surgery” button_text=”MORE” button_link=”/dr-sancho-llorens?lang=en”]

Administrative and Health Personnel

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[qode_info_card title_tag=”h5″ enable_button=”yes” image=”16631″ title=”Marian Llorens Serrano” text=”Nurse and Head of Staff” button_text=”MORE” button_link=”/marian-llorens-serrano?lang=en”]
[qode_info_card title_tag=”h5″ enable_button=”yes” image=”16629″ title=”Carmen Rodríguez” text=”Administrative and Health Assistant” button_text=”MORE” button_link=”/carmen-rodriguez-martin?lang=en”]
[qode_info_card title_tag=”h5″ enable_button=”yes” image=”16632″ title=”Yolanda Loza Iniesta” text=”Administrative and Health Assistant” button_text=”MORE” button_link=”/yolanda-loza-iniesta?lang=en”]