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  1. Apply an elastic or medium bandage of comprehension.
  2. The compression stockings will be useful during daily activity to improve the result of certain techniques such as sclerotherapy. If you work standing it is highly recommended to continue using them.
  3. After the intervention the doctor indicates when the patient can start walking.
  4. If there are points should be withdrawn within 7-10 days of the operation.
  5. Your surgeon may prescribe heparin as a drug that helps reduce the risk of circulatory complications.
  6. It is not advisable to sunbathe if suture has been required or at least 1 month after the last session of sclerosis. Prevent scars from darkening.
  7. To treat pain after an intervention, the doctor will tell you the appropriate analgesic regimen.
  8. You must make checks to see the evolution of your intervention.